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Virtuelna Avio Kompanija BalkanFly

Welcome to BalkanFly Virtual Airline official WebSite

BalkanFly is a virtual airline which developed inside IVAO network. Our goals are to enhance the simulation of our hobby and serve the community. Moreover we are trying to create a friendly environment between our members. Our schedule is updated in a regular basis with new routes, we provide you all the information you need before you start a flight, we organize events etc. Join us today and become part of our Flying Community.

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73 Pilots
123 Aircraft
195 Schedules
13910 Completed Flights
2 Flight(s) today
31437.14 Hours Flown
14151266 Miles flown

Active Flights

Pilot Flight Origin Destin. Aircraft Altitude Speed ETOA Status  
  Miroslav Radovanovic BFP114 LGTS LYBE BF-BNK 0 0 00:00 Taxiing to Gate
  Ivan Stojanovic BFP777 LDDU LYBE BF-BMD 0 0 00:00 Arrived
  Srdjan Ristic BFP014 LDDU LYBE BF-BKK 0 0 00:00 Arrived
  Milos Draskovic BFP147 LPPT LEVT BF-BBS 0 0 00:00 Arrived

Last 20 flown flights

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Latest News

30,000 sati naleta.

Posted by Milos Draskovic on 30/09/2019

U septembru 2019. preskocili smo magicnu brojku od 30000h naleta. U proseku to je 13.5h dnevnog naleta ili 6100nm na dnevnom nivou.

Rekordni broj letova

Posted by Ivan Stojanovic on 10/09/2017

Postovane kolege na dan 09.09.2017. godine smo spontano izjednacili rekord kompanije po broju letova koji su realizovani u toku jednog dana, a rec je o 21. letu, cestitam svima na tome, nadam se da cemo isto tako spontano i oboriti taj rekord.

Last 20 arrivals

Flight No Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft Landing Rate Status
BFP147 Milos Draskovic LPPT LEVT 01.21 A320-200 - BF-BBS -74 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic GOBD LPPT 02.56 A320-200 - BF-BBS -115 Accepted
BFP014 Srdjan Ristic LDDU LYBE 01.19 A320-200 - BF-BKK -380 Accepted
BFP777 Ivan Stojanovic LDDU LYBE 00.59 B737-800 - BF-BMD -109 Accepted
BFP0013 Imre Mavrak LQSA LHUD 00.59 B1900D - BF-AOD -4035 Accepted
BFP777 Ivan Stojanovic LSGG LDDU 01.54 A320-200 - BF-BBS -178 Accepted
BFP777 Ivan Stojanovic LRCL LSGG 02.16 A320-200 - BF-BBS -78 Accepted
BFP114 Miroslav Radovanovic LIRF EPWA 02.26 B737-800 - BF-BNK -493 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic YBBN NZQN 03.39 A320-200 - BF-BBS -227 Accepted
BFP114 Miroslav Radovanovic YBBN NZQN 03.18 B737-800 - BF-BNK -928 Accepted
BFP777 Ivan Stojanovic YBBN NZQN 03.49 B737-800 - BF-BMD -554 Accepted
BFP014 Srdjan Ristic OLBA UKBB 03.40 A320-200 - BF-BKK -156 Accepted
BFP2605 Marko Jakovljevic LYBE LGAV 01.42 B737-800 - BF-BMD -331 Accepted
BFP906 Ranko Kusic LEBL OMDB 06.57 B747-8 - BF-CBE -133 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic LYPG LYBE 00.56 B737-800 - BF-BTX -110 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic LYBE LYPG 00.52 B737-800 - BF-BTX -71 Accepted
BFC147 Milos Draskovic DNMM GOBD 03.29 B747-8F - BF-DXA -86 Accepted
BFP014 Srdjan Ristic EBBR LGAV 03.38 A320-200 - BF-BKK -301 Accepted
BFP73 Bratislav Nikolic LCLK LYNI 02.19 B747-8 - BF-CBE -135 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic FNLU DNMM 03.07 B737-800 - BF-BTX -103 Accepted

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