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Virtuelna Avio Kompanija BalkanFly

Welcome to BalkanFly Virtual Airline official WebSite

BalkanFly is a virtual airline which developed inside IVAO network. Our goals are to enhance the simulation of our hobby and serve the community. Moreover we are trying to create a friendly environment between our members. Our schedule is updated in a regular basis with new routes, we provide you all the information you need before you start a flight, we organize events etc. Join us today and become part of our Flying Community.

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85 Pilots
131 Aircraft
195 Schedules
17550 Completed Flights
5 Flight(s) today
40030.03 Hours Flown
19501965 Miles flown

Active Flights

Pilot Flight Origin Destin. Aircraft Altitude Speed ETOA Status  
  Miroslav Radovanovic BFP114 LYBE LYTV BF-BNK 0 0 00:00 Taxiing to Gate
  Igor Doksas BFP266 HHAS HESC BF-BTF 37776 490 5:20 Cruise
  Ranko Kusic BFP050 UBBB LYBE BF-CBR 0 0 00:00 Arrived

Last 20 flown flights

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Latest News

BalkanFly Store

Posted by Ivan Stojanovic on 09/06/2021

Postovani prijatelji, na adresi mozete poruciti neke od proizvoda sa znakom kompanije BalkanFly.

Dear friends, you can order some of the products with the BalkanFly logo on this web address

Memorijalni Let za Marka

Posted by Milos Draskovic on 01/03/2021

U petak, 05.03.2021., organizovcemo memorijalni let u secanje na naseg druga Marka Stojakovica koji nas je prerano napustio na taj dan pre tacno godinu dana. Svi zainteresovani su dobrodosli da se pridruze, a let je planiran u 19:00h(zulu) ili 20:00h(local) na relaciji Osijek(LDOS) -> Stansted(EGSS). Sve dodatne informacije cete dobiti na nasem Discord serveru.

Last 20 arrivals

Flight No Pilot Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft Landing Rate Status
BFP266 Igor Doksas OYSN HHAS 01.05 B757-200 - BF-BTF -221 Rejected
BFP266 Igor Doksas OEHL OYSN 02.16 B757-200 - BF-BTF -82 Rejected
BFP266 Igor Doksas UDYZ OEHL 02.11 B757-200 - BF-BTF -121 Rejected
BFP050 Ranko Kusic UBBB LYBE 03.29 B747-8 - BF-CBR -206 Rejected
BFP111 Zoran Manojlovic LSZH EPWR 01.30 B737-800 - BF-BLD -195 Rejected
BFP111 Zoran Manojlovic SASA SBRJ 02.58 B737-800 - BF-BLD -894 Rejected
BFP666 Adriano Zecevic LYBE LCLK 02.36 A319-100 - BF-BZO -166 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic LYBE LCLK 02.32 B737-800 - BF-BTX -146 Accepted
BFP050 Ranko Kusic UUEE UBBB 03.07 B747-8 - BF-CBR -641 Accepted
BFP266 Igor Doksas OAHR UDYZ 02.26 B757-200 - BF-BTF -188 Accepted
BFP666 Adriano Zecevic LDSP LDZA 00.41 A319-100 - BF-BZO -261 Accepted
BFP111 Zoran Manojlovic LICA LSZH 02.05 B737-800 - BF-BLD -90 Accepted
BFP737 Stevan Kecman LJLJ LYBE 01.20 B737-800 - BF-BMD 0 Accepted
BFP266 Igor Doksas UTDD OAHR 01.37 B757-200 - BF-BTF -82 Accepted
BFP111 Zoran Manojlovic HECA LICA 02.38 B737-800 - BF-BLD -172 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic LYTV LYBE 00.55 A330-300 - BF-COD -111 Accepted
BFP147 Milos Draskovic LYBE LYTV 00.58 A330-300 - BF-COD -200 Accepted
BFP266 Igor Doksas VNKT UTDD 02.54 B757-200 - BF-BTF -129 Accepted
BFP266 Igor Doksas VEIM VNKT 01.29 B757-200 - BF-BTF -47 Accepted
BFP266 Igor Doksas VLLB VEIM 02.00 B757-200 - BF-BTF -76 Accepted

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